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Policies, Procedures & Compensation

The handbooks below have been prepared to provide information regarding your benefits and privileges as well as the rules and regulations of the University. The provisions of the handbooks are applicable to employees within the stated classifications. We hope you will find them helpful whether you are a newcomer or veteran.

The handbooks are not a contract and can be revised or rescinded. Not all University rules and regulations are listed in the handbook, nor are all those that are listed complete and final in all cases. Ohio Northern University has other rules and regulations which are necessary to carry out its primary responsibility of educating students. If at any time you wish additional information concerning any policy of the University, whether included in the handbooks or not, your department head or supervisor will be glad to discuss it with you. If you need additional clarification you may also contact the Office of Human Resources.

Since the information in the handbooks is subject to change, it is understood that any changes in the policies as listed herein may be modified, superseded or eliminated, provided that the personnel in the University are notified of such changes through the usual, normal and customary channels.

Compensation information (password required)

Faculty & Staff Handbooks

Faculty Handbook (password required)

Staff Handbook

Staff Handbook Acknowledgement Instructions


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