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Employment Verification Services

Ohio Northern University uses Vault Verify to provide automated employment and income verifications on our employees.

Vault Verify is a fast and secure way to provide proof of your employment or income. Vault Verify simplifies the verification process and accelerates credit decisions through an online system available to verifiers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Here’s How it Works:

  1. Ohio Northern University securely transmits employment and income data to Vault Verify on a regular cycle so the information remains current.
  2. When you apply for credit or other services in which proof of employment or income is required, you provide consent to the credit grantor to verify that information when signing the application.
  3. All potential requestors of the system first go through a verification process by one of the trained, credentialing professionals. This process includes verifying physical location, business type, contact information and electronic print. Only once this process is complete is the requestor permitted to search against data housed in its system.
  4. Every search request requires a permissible purpose, Ohio Northern’s designated company code and the employee’s SSN before being processed.
  5. With the above conditions met, the verifier can validate your employment or income in seconds, accelerating the decision process and helping you obtain the credit you requested.
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