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2017 Support Staff Luncheon

Sherolyn Evans, Dining Services

40 Years of Service ~ Sherolyn Evans

Sherolyn Evans
Department: Dining Services 
Title: Food Service Worker



Barry Musselman, Physical Plant Department

35 Years of Service ~ Barry Musselman

Barry Musselman
Department: Physical Plant 
Title: HVAC Mechanic



Gayla Halford, College of Law

20 Years of Service ~ Gayla Holford (Not pictured) and Cynthia Klinger

Gayla Holford                       Cynthia Klingler
Department: College of Law   Department: College of Law
Title: Senior Administrative Assistant    Title: Senior Administrative Assistant 



Tricia Smith, Dining Services, and Micheal Zembower, Department of Technological Studies

15 Years of Service ~ Tricia Smith and Micheal Zembower

Tricia Smith                       Michael Zembower
Department: Dining Services    Department: Department of Technological Studies 
Title: Food Service Worker    Title: Lab Technician; Part-Time Nature Center Caretaker 



Barb DeAngelis, College of Law, and Lilly Driver, Dining Services

10 Years of Service ~ Barb DeAngelis and Lilly Driver

Barb DeAngelis                       Lilly Driver 
Department: College of Law    Department: Dining Services 
Title: Advanced Administrative Assistant (Retired)   Title: Food Service Worker


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