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Grants and Proposals

Ohio Northern encourages the efforts to secure funding for research and special projects that enhance the University’s teaching and learning environment. Grant funds received from government agencies, corporations and private foundations provide the University and its faculty, staff, students and community, with program opportunities not ordinarily funded by the University’s budget. By obtaining grants to fund teaching, research, and other academic programs and projects, faculty members and staff enhance not only their own professional development but their service to the students as well.

Our Services

  • Assist with development or expansion of proposal ideas
  • Identify potential funding sources
  • Obtain and interpret guidelines
  • Assist in planning the proposal, developing a budget and completing forms
  • Prepare a proposal development calendar for each proposal
  • Review and edit proposals and provide feedback
  • Obtain appropriate signatures and coordinate negotiations
  • Assist with letters of intent, cover pages, certifications, assurances or other required documents
  • Provide historical background and demographic information
  • Submit electronic proposals; copy, collate and mail all proposals, facilitating on-time delivery
  • Obtain account numbers for processing grants received and processed
Grants and Proposals

Beckie Watercutter

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