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Earning Potential

An ONU degree can get you many of the 25 highest paying jobs of 2018

During a student’s college search, the following question is often at the top of the list:
Will I be able to get a job with my degree?
Good news for those considering Ohio Northern University: Not only will you be able to get a job, but there’s a good likelihood, for certain majors, that you will be getting paid a high salary to do that job. National statistics point to ONU as a place to earn a valuable degree that will get you a high-paying job. According to a recent article published by USA Today, four of the 25 highest paying jobs, including the highest paying, exactly match ONU major programs (pharmacist, attorney, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer). 
Another 18 occupations in the top 25, while not directly offered as majors, are positions available to ONU graduates based on the training they receive in closely related programs and/or additional on-the-job experience, according to the deans of ONU’s five colleges. Finally, two of the remaining three jobs cited in the article are currently held by hundreds of ONU graduates who pursued additional education, proving once again that an ONU education prepares graduates with a high-quality education that provides a sound foundation for further learning.
For the ONU class of 2018, here are the facts:

•  94 percent were employed or accepted into a graduate program within six months of graduation (an accurate representation – 99 percent of our graduates reported to us)
  The average salary reported is $57,638
•  139 pharmacy
graduates, 11 electrical engineering graduates and 49 mechanical engineering graduates reported successful placement





Top 25 Highest Paying Jobs of 2018
Obvious jobs you can get with a degree from ONU:
1. Pharmacist
3. Attorney
11. Electrical Engineer
15. Mechanical Engineer
Potential jobs you could get with a degree from ONU (without further education):
2. Solutions Architect
4. Data Scientist
5. Tax Manager
6. Product Manager
8. Software Engineer
9. Systems Engineer
10. Process Engineer
13. Java Developer
14. Program Manager
17. Consultant
18. Manufacturing Engineer
19. Quality Engineer
20. Design Engineer
21. Project Manager
22. Field Engineer
23. Business Development Manager
24. Human Resources Manager
25. Programmer Analyst
ONU provides a solid base for these jobs, as evidenced by alumni:
7. Professor
16. Physical Therapist