Michael Loughlin

Michael Loughlin
Professor of History
Hill Memorial 202C
525 South Main Street, Ada, OH, 45810
Employee degree:

BA, Indiana University Bloomington

MA, Indiana University Bloomington

PHD, Indiana University Bloomington


Loughlin grew up near Notre Dame University and could see the Golden Dome from his high school classrooms. Despite being a die-hard Notre Dame fan, twelve years of parochial education sufficed, and he journeyed to Indiana University in Bloomington for three degrees stretching for 1969 until 1987. Interspersed among those eight years studying in Bloomington, were stints substitute teaching, doing odd jobs, and teaching for four years in a junior high school in rural Indiana as well as two years at a former Catholic monastery. From 1982 until 1984 Loughlin got grants from I.U. and received a Bourse Chateaubriand from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to do research in Paris, and he eventually completed that research for his doctorate in 1987. After a year teaching at Texas A & I in Kingsville, Texas, Ohio Northern University recruited him away from Wright State even before he taught a class in Dayton. Since coming to ONU, his real learning and research commenced, but it is the thousands of students he has taught over the years that have made his academic journey truly meaningful.

Since 2016 Loughlin has shifted his research interests from varieties of fascism to varieties of populism in an effort to make sense of what has been happening in European and American politics in recent years. To wit, he has read intensively on populism and Trumpism, which has culminated in several editorials in Ohio newspapers,  various article submissions to three journals, and multiple presentations around the Midwest at various historical and political science conferences. A brief volume on this research remains an ongoing project, and that research will be part of the classes he is teaching in the fall of 2022. In April 2023 that refined material will be presented at a Mount Union Conference of the Trump Presidency.

From March 3-March 11, 2022, I  was a chaperone and lecturer over war poetry and novels in Professor Strittmatter’s Class on  World War Commemoration and European Tour.

Recent Scholarship:

On April  8, 2022, “A Wittgensteinian “Family Resemblance”:   Can Trumpism Be Understood in Terms of An Extreme Right-Wing Authoritarian/Fascistic Spectrum or Continuum?” Paper presented at the Annual Chicago Conference of the Midwest Political Science Association.

September 2021, “Trumpism: Fascism, Populism, Plain Old Demagoguery in The Age of Twitter, or an American Example of Political Nihilism?” Powerpoint presented at the Annual Conference of The Ohio Association of Economists and Political Scientists (OAEPS) held at the UNIVERSITY OF Findlay.

December 2017 Historical Reflections/Réflexions Historiques, “From Insurrectional Socialism to French National Socialism: Gustave Hervé and the Great War.” Volume 43, Issue 3, Fall 2017.

August 2016 From Revolutionary Theater to Reactionary Litanies: Gustave Hervé (1871-1944) at the Extremes of the French Third Republic, (New York, Berne, Frankfurt, Berlin, Oxford, Brussels, Vienna, and Warsaw: Peter Lang Company, August 2016). 1137 pp.

April 2012, “French Antimilitarism before World War I: Gustave Hervé and L’Affiche Rouge of 1905”, European Review of History/Revue Européenne D’Histoire, Vol 19 (2) 2012, 249-274, ISSN 1350-7486. 

Classes Taught:

Western Civilization II: 1492-2022; Hitler and Nazism; Fascism (Germany, Italy, and elsewhere); The Holocaust; The Holocaust in Film; Western Political I and II; Populism and Trumpism; The History of the American Environmental Movement.

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