Khagendra Bhandari

Khagendra Bhandari
Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics
Science Annex 109B
525 S Main St, Ada, OH, 45810
Employee degree:

MS, University of Minnesota Duluth

PHD, University of Toledo


Research Interests

Synthesis, characterization and applications of nanocrystalline and bulk materials for photovoltaic performance.

Recent Scholarship

K. P. Bhandari, F. K. Alfadhili, E. Bastola, S. C. Watthage, Z. Song, G. K. Liyanage, A. J. Phillips, M. J. Heben and R. J. Ellingson, “Very high VOC and FF of CdTe thin film solar cells with the applications of organo-metallic halide perovskite thin film as a hole transport layer” Prog in Photovolt Res and Appl. (2020), 28 (10), 1024 - 1033.

K. P. Bhandari, “Optical Properties of Alkali Halides in Ultraviolet Spectral Regions,” Optics (2020), 1(1), 18 – 31.

K. P. Bhandari, A. Lamichhane, T. Mailne, E. Bastola and R. J. Ellingson, “Optical Properties of Organic Inorganic Metal Halide Perovskite for Photovoltaics,”46th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialist Conference (PVSC), 16 – 21 June 2019, Chicago, USA.

Classes Taught

PHYS2111 General Physics 1
PHYS2121 General Physics 2
PHYS2311 Calculus-based Physics 1
PHYS2321 Calculus-based Physics 2
PHYS2341 Physics Laboratory 1
PHYS3311 Physics of Photovoltaic Materials
PHYS3731 Analytical Mechanics
PHYS3531 Statistical Mechanics