Edward Duliba

Ed Duliba
Introductory Lab Coordinator
Meyer Hall of Science 255
525 S Main St, Ada, OH, 45810
Research Interests
surfactants, viscoeleasticity, thin liquid films, portfolio risk management, simplex optimization
Employee degree:

BA, Cornell University

MS, Rutgers University

MBA, Rutgers University

PHD, University of Illinois Urbana


Aug., 2007 to the present

Ohio Northern University, Ada, OH – Introductory laboratory coordinator – Taught chemistry lecture and laboratory courses (general chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical applications of mathematics, chemistry for the health sciences, and chemistry for engineering); managing the design of laboratory experiments, preparations of materials and equipment for laboratory courses; supervising student laboratory preparations assistants and teaching assistants

Aug., 2006 to July, 2007

Jamestown Community College, Jamestown, NY – Adjunct instructor – Taught allied health chemistry lectures and general chemistry laboratories Aug., 2001 to June, 2006 C. P. Kelco US, Inc., San Diego, CA – Senior scientist – Developed household and personal care applications for xanthan gum, carrageenan, pectin, cellulose gum, and gellan gum used as rheological control agents. Developed methods to manufacture clear emulsions for gelled consumer products. Modeled rheological properties in sunscreen products and other consumer products. Supervised technicians.

Aug., 1998 to Aug., 2001

Rütgers Organics - Nease Corp., Blue Ash, OH – Research chemist – Developed household and industrial applications for hydrotropes and for novel surfactants with dual functionality as hydrotropes and surfactants. Analyzed phase behavior in concentrated surfactant formulations and microemulsions. Synthesized new aromatic sulfonates and phosphate esters for surfactant applications evaluation. Developed analytical HPLC methods for surfactants and hydrotropes.

Sept., 1995 to July, 1998

bioMérieux Vitek Corp., Hazelwood, MO – Statistician / analyst - Applied statistics to research problems for the development of automated microbiological diagnostic equipment and to modeling microbiological growth and antibiotic resistance. Designed and implemented quality control procedures for new medical diagnostic products. Utilized discriminant analysis for microbiological models. Applied and summarized categorical data analyses for FDA 510K submissions.

April, 1993 to Aug., 1995

CIBA-Vision Corp., Duluth, GA - Staff scientist - Formulated contact lens cleaning solutions. Coordinated protocol development, data collection and analysis, and research report preparation for FDA submissions. Investigated kinetics of contact lens deposits and related issues of consumer comfort, interactions of surfactants with contact lens polymers and proteins, and disinfectant interactions and stabilization in surfactant-containing aqueous solutions. Applied experimental design to product formulation.

Aug., 1983 to April, 1993

Colgate-Palmolive Co., Piscataway, NJ - Research associate (1991-3), Senior research scientist (1987-91), Research scientist (1983-7) – Invented, formulated, and tested consumer cleaning systems in Basic Chemical Science (1983-6), Advanced Technology Hard Surface Care (1986-92), and Surfactant and Interfacial Science (1992-3) sections. Developed hand dishwashing detergent, hard surface care, laundry detergent and laundry prespotter products resulting in several patents. Chairman of Colgate scientific publications committee (1985-7). Supervised technicians and summer interns. Extensive experience with surfactant formulation and surfactant phase behavior.

Aug., 1977 to July, 1983

University of Illinois, Urbana, IL - Postdoctoral research associate (1982-3) - Studied low-temperature charring of high-sulfur coal (ca. 400 oC). Research assistant (1977-82) - Graduate research on electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy of transition metals. Teaching assistant (1977-80) - General chemistry courses, physical chemistry courses, graduate physical chemistry courses, and laboratory courses.

Experienced with statistical applications programs, including SAS, RS1, Statistica, and Statgraphics. Private pilot with instrument rating (ASEL with over 2000 hrs).