Derek Price

Derek Price

One summer can change everything. For Derek Price, spending a summer in South Korea changed his perspective on life.

Price participated in a two-month international program at Dankook University in South Korea offered through the ONU Study Abroad Office. While there, he took classes with other students from around the world and had the opportunity to teach English to Korean students.

Although he was hesitant at first, he found that by experiencing Korean culture firsthand, his outlook changed dramatically.

“I learned more about myself, others and the world in those two months abroad than at any other time in my life,” he says.

Price is pursuing a dual major in political science and psychology, as well as a minor in international studies. His trip to South Korea has even led him to consider returning there after graduation to earn his master’s degree. His experience abroad certainly left him a changed man.

“In life, you need three things: good food, good friends and even better adventures,” he says. “You may not have to go to Korea to find yourself, but please spend some time exploring the world around you. Go see what is over the next hill; you never know what you’ll find.”