Brianne Mosley

Brianne Mosley

PTSD research? It’s not just for graduate school!

Post-traumatic stress disorder research: It’s not the kind of research most undergraduates have the opportunity to experience. Yet for Brianne Mosley, a double major in pharmacy and psychology, it was a perfect match.

Brianne worked with Dr. Philip Zoladz in ONU’s psychology department on the effects of stress on learning and memory. “It provides me with an opportunity unlike any other. I have the chance to participate in research, while obtaining my undergraduate degree, that compares to that performed by graduate school students.”

From an early age, she has been intrigued by how medication can improve patients’ lives. “To make a positive impact on the lives of others, I have decided that I want to be a neuropsychiatric pharmacist.”

To accomplish that goal, she wants to participate in a two-year residency, so she can specialize in psychiatric pharmacy. “This specialization will allow me to work in a psychiatric hospital, where I can treat patients with neurological diseases and other psychiatric disorders,” she explains. “It is my dream to be the person who allows a patient to live a happy, healthy and productive life with the help of medicine.”