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How Many States Have We Been To Again?

One of the most popular questions asked by host families from the churches that we sing at. The answer- I couldn't easily tell you. Maybe somewhere in the upper teens? We have less than 10 days remaining on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure and, while it may seem crazy, I'm not ready to come home. The most stressful thing about touring is when you need to be back at the bus, which isn't stressful at all. We're all able to relax some after a busy semester, all while seeing the United States and spreading the joy of song. Seems pretty great to me!

We were able to visit Yellowstone National Park the other day and see Old Faithful erupt. While our bus driver, John, fabulously drove us through the twists and turns of the forest, we were able to see bison and elk (but unfortunately no moose). Our hotel stop for that night was in Greybull, Wyoming and we were able to enjoy some quality time together with a bonfire and campfire games.


The next day, we ate lunch in the Bighorn National Park and performed in Sheridan, Wyoming. Once we left Sheridan, we headed to Mount Rushmore and got to the see the famous monument. We ended our Saturday with a hotel stop in Rapid City, South Dakota, complete with an indoor water park, which we took advantage of in the hundred degree weather.