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Dance Minor

Our dance minor program is open to students from all majors. The program will increase your appreciation and understanding of this art form through technique classes, performances and courses in dance history, dance composition and choreography. The flexible nature of our program allows you to explore your dance interests while completing the 19 required credit hours. 

Dance minors also have the opportunity to audition and participate in the ONU Dance Company, which performs on the main stage of the Freed Center twice annually, and in our vibrant guest artist program, which brings renowned dancers, choreographers and dance companies to campus every year to work with students.



“The dance minor program provides a wide range of class options in ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop and my favorite – tap. I appreciate how the theatre department works with me and my schedule so that I can complete the minor. Also, I enjoy the opportunity to get involved with shows on campus, such as Choreographers’ Showcase.” – Oshra Gadkar, pharmacy major/dance minor



“Being able to minor in dance while majoring in pharmacy was the No. 1 reason why I chose ONU. The University really encourages you to develop all of your talents. I’ve been fortunate to work with highly regarded guest artists from all over the nation at ONU. The wisdom and talent they share have been extremely valuable.” – Alexis Dayton, pharmacy major/dance minor

When you minor in dance, you also have the chance to attend the American College Dance Association (ACDA) Conference.


Dancers make the shape of "we heart ONU"
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