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Areas of Study

Co-op and Internships

The co-op is a five-year school/work program designed to integrate
classroom study with planned and supervised work experiences. You are employed in manufacturing, construction or other industry related companies in semi- professional capacities. 
Employment sessions begin during the summer after the sophomore year.  The student contracts for at least two semesters of co-op during which they enroll in TECH 3801 (Professional Practice in Technology)


All technology-industrial track students (major or minor) are encouraged to complete 12 hours of Internship (TECH 4841) in an industrial setting either during a summer or academic year.  The arrangements are made through the department prior to the student's registration for the internship.

2+2 Programs

ONU has 2+2 articulation agreements with many technical and
community colleges. Transfer students may attend part- or
full-time to complete their degree.

Degree in Technological Studies

Bachelor of Science

Majors and Course Requirements

Technology Systems Minor (18 semester hours)

Students from any discipline are encouraged to use courses from the Department of Technological Studies as a corollary to their major. This will permit students the opportunity to expand their capabilities of utilizing technology custom made to meet individual needs and interests. All courses required for a minor must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher.

18 Credit Hours

TECH 1001  Technology and Society 3
TECH 15 additional hours of TECH courses which are not part of a student's major program of study. Specific courses used to fulfill the requirements of the minor are to be proposed to the department prior to declaring the minor.  


Technology systems minor proposal form

Course Offerings in the Department:

Numbers: Course Title Credits
TECH 1001 Technology and Society 3
TECH 1201 Intro to CAD 3
TECH 1301 Materials Science 3
TECH 1401 Intro to Information Systems 3
TECH 1421 Web Design and Development 3
TECH 1601 Fundamentals of Electronics 3
TECH 2211 Construction Design 4
TECH 2231 Product Design and Analysis 4
TECH 2301 Materials and Processes 3
TECH 2401 Computer Networking 3
TECH 2501 Construction Materials and Methods 4
TECH 2701 Fluid and Mechanical Systems 3
TECH 3211 Digital Manufacturing 4
TECH 3221 Manufacturing Simulation 4
TECH 3411 Wide Area Networking 3
TECH 3421 Database Management and Apps 3
TECH 3461 Digital Photography 3
TECH 3511 Applications of Soils and Foundations 4
TECH 3611 Applied Controls 1 4
TECH 3631 Applied Controls 2 3
TECH 3641 Industrial Instrumentation 4
TECH 3651 Applied Controls 3 3
TECH 3801 Professional Practice 1
TECH 4111 Product Manufacturing 4
TECH 4121 Manufacturing Management 3
TECH 4341 Advanced Robotics 1 2
TECH 4351 Advanced Robotics 2 2
TECH 4521 Construction Estimating and Scheduling 3
TECH 4621 Programming in Embedded Systems 4
TECH 4611 Applied Controls 4 4
TECH 4671 Robotic Systems 3
TECH 4841 Internship 6 to 12
TECH 4961 Tour of Industries 1
TECH 4991 Senior Capstone 1