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Getty College of Arts & Sciences Tutoring

Regularly Scheduled Tutoring Sessions

Each term, the Getty College of Arts and Sciences offers regularly scheduled tutoring sessions for select Arts and Sciences courses. The tutors for these sessions are students who have already mastered the course material and performed well in the discipline. These tutors are selected by the professors who teach the courses. Click here for a list of this term's scheduled tutoring sessions.

Tutoring Sessions by appointment

Arts and Sciences also offers tutoring sessions by appointment. As with the regularly scheduled tutoring sessions, the tutors are students who excel in that field of study. Unless permission to meet elsewhere is obtained ahead of time, all tutoring by appointment will take place in Heterick Library. Click here for a list of tutors available this term for select courses.

Basic Eligibility

Because this tutoring is offered for Arts and Sciences courses and for the benefit of Arts and Sciences students, either one or both of the following must be true for a student to be eligible to receive individual tutoring. 

  • The student is enrolled in the Getty College of Arts and Sciences.
  • The class is offered through the College of Arts and Sciences.

Note for Pharmacy Students

The College of Pharmacy offers tutoring in all courses (including A&S courses) required for pharmacy majors.  For these courses, pharmacy students should refer to the tutoring offered in the Pharmacy Student Tutoring Center rather than request individual tutoring from the College of Arts and Sciences.  Obvious exceptions are classes taken in A&S that are not required for the pharmacy major (e.g. a foreign language).

Additional Conditions

In addition, an eligible student may receive an individual tutor for an Arts and Sciences course only if one or more of the following is true. 

  • No regularly scheduled tutoring is offered for the course in question.
  • The student has already attended the regularly scheduled tutoring sessions and needs additional assistance.
  • Due to a class or other university recognized conflict, the student is unable to attend the regularly scheduled tutoring sessions.
  • The student has a learning or physical disability requiring additional assistance. This disability should be documented in the Dean’s Office of your college.
  • The student is a non-native speaker of English.
  • The student is on academic probation.

If you meet basic eligibility and one or more of the additional conditions listed above, click here to request an individual tutor.

Tutor Selection

Students interested in serving as Arts and Sciences tutors should click here.

Faculty members wishing to recommend a student to serve as an Arts and Sciences tutor should contact Mary Drzycimski-Finn,