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Department of Human Performance and Sport Sciences

The Department of Human Performance and Sport Sciences prepares professionals for careers in health, fitness and sport agencies, educational institutions, and business and industry. The faculty in the Department of Human Performance and Sport Sciences strives to provide diverse, comprehensive, and life-long learning while encouraging an appreciation of the importance of health, fitness and sport to quality of life. The Department of Human Performance and Sport Sciences is committed to high quality undergraduate education through active engagement between faculty and students, scholarly and creative pursuits, leadership and service to others.

About the department

Athletic trainers who desire to pursue employment immediately upon graduation may find opportunities in high schools, colleges or universities. Many also work with professional teams year round. Most outpatient sports medicine hospitals/clinics provide athletic training services to the weekend athlete and high school athletes who do not have a full-time athletic trainer on staff.

Exercise physiology is a combination of basic and applied sciences that includes physiology, anatomy, kinesiology, health and fitness, exercise, and medicine.  It is the study of how the body responds, adjusts and adapts to physical activity and exercise.  The two primary areas of interest in exercise physiology are: (1) health and fitness related aspects of physical activity; and (2) sports performance.

The sport management program is designed to provide students with a foundation of skills necessary to negotiate the various settings in which students may find themselves during their professional careers. This multibillion-dollar sports-entertainment industry offers employment opportunities in professional, collegiate and interscholastic sports, sports information, marketing, facility and arena management, recreation administration, sales and special events.

Department of Human Performance and Sport Sciences

Rosanne Hoersten

Administrative Assistant for HPSS
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