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Michael Loughlin

Professor of History
History, Political Science, & Geography
Hill Memorial 202C
525 S. Main Street
Ada, OH 45810
Professional Experience: 

Professor of History, Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio, 2000-12

Associate Professor of History, Ohio Northern University Ada, Ohio, 1993-99

Assistant Professor of History, Ohio Northern University Ada, Ohio, 1988-93

Visiting Assistant Professor, Texas A&I University Kingsville, Texas, 1987-88 (Early American History, World History, 20th-Century Europe)

Private School, Le Mans Academy, Rolling Prairie, Ind., 1981-83

Assistant Instructor, History Department, Indiana University, 1976-78

(Early Modern European History to 1789 and Early American History to 1865)

Indiana Secondary Schools, 1972-76


Ph.D., Modern European History Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Date of completion, May 10, 1987, Dissertation: "The Political Transformation of Gustave Hervé, 1871-1944"

M.A., History, Indiana University, Bloomington, 1975

B.A., History and Psychology, Indiana University, Bloomington, 1969

Teaching Interests: 

Modern French History; Modern European History; Contemporary Europe; Early American History; Art History since the Romantic Era; Hitler and the Rise of the Nazis; The Holocaust; The Holocaust in Film; World War I and the Origins of Fascism; Fascist Regimes; Modern European Intellectual History; The Renaissance; European Fascism; French Revolution; Enlightenment; Europe in the Nineteenth Century; History of Political Philosophy; American Foreign Policy and International Relations; American Environmental History


Wilfred E. Binkley Chair of History and Political Science, 2011, 2012, 2009-10, 2005-06, 2000-01, 1996-97, 1992-93

Sabbatical Leave Fall Semester 2011

2010 Phi Beta Delta named Best National Chapter and Best Midwest Regional Chapter

ONU Delegate to the CCIE (College Consortium for International Education) Summer Program in Germany, June 1-16, 2007

Research Associate to the Silberman Summer Faculty Seminar for Social Scientists at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, June 8-17, 2004, under the Direction of Christopher R. Browning, James Waller, and Jane Caplan

2002 Phi Beta Delta named Best Midwest Regional Chapter

ONU Delegate to the CCIE (College Consortium for International Education) Summer Program in Ireland, June 13-27, 1999

Research Associate at the University of California at Berkeley, Summer 1997

Research Associate at the University of California at Berkeley, 1995-96

Sabbatical Leave Granted, Fall 2002 in Paris, Brest, and Sens, France and 1995-96 at University of California at Berkeley, applied 2009-10 and rejected.

Faculty Development Grant, Summer 1994 Travel costs for research in France.

Nominee for the 1994 Outstanding Teacher Award in the College of Arts and Sciences

Mortar Board-Favorite Professors 1992

FLAS Title VI Fellowship, West European Studies, Indiana University, 1985-86

Indiana University History Dept. Ph.D. Dissertation Research Fellowship, Summer 1985

Indiana University Graduate School Ph.D. Dissertation Fellowship, January 1985

Bourse Chateaubriand, Ph.D. Research Grant given by the French Ministère des affaires étrangères, 1983-84

Indiana University History Department Research Grant-in-Aid, 1982

Permanent Life Teaching License from the State of Indiana in World History and American History, 1979

Research Interests: 

Research Experience Summer 2012 – Research and writing on the Herve biography.

2011 Sabbatical leave for Fall Semester – Travel and Research in Paris, France at the Archives Nationales.

Photo-documentation on the life of Gustave Hervé. Travel and research in mid-June 2007 in Italy related to my classes on Italian Fascism by means of visiting the important sites at Salò, elsewhere near the Lago di Garda, Forli, Predappio, Bologna, and Florence in Italy.

2006 in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine connected to classes on Nazism, Hitler, and the Holocaust; development of a video archive connected to the early life of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust.

2005 July 5-Aug. 8 Research to Bavaria, Austria, Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine dealing with Hitler, the Rise of Nazism, and the Holocaust -2- 2004

July 30-Aug. 28 Research in Bavaria and Austria developing a digital photo record of the homes, apartments, institutions, schools, and other sites and buildings associated with Hitler's early life up to 1934.

Summer 2004 Research and participation at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Silberman Summer Faculty Seminar for Social Scientists.

2002 Fall Quarter, Sabbatical Leave for research in France and writing on a biography over Gustave Hervé.

Archival Research in Paris at the following French archives and libraries: Archives Nationales, Archives de la Préfecture de Police, Institut Français D'Histoire Sociale, Musée Social, Bibliothèque Nationale, Bibliothèque de Documentation Internationale Contemporaine, and Le Centre de Recherches d'Histoire des Mouvements Sociaux et du Syndicalisme, Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, Bibliothèque de Saint Geneviève, Bibliothèque de l'Université de Paris-II, fall 2002, summers 1999, 1994, and 1982, academic year 1983-84,

Research at The University of California at Berkeley, 1995-96

Selected Publications: 

Refereed Publications

April 2012, “French Antimilitarism before World War I: Gustave Hervé and L’Affiche Rouge of 1905”, European Review of History/Revue Européenne D’Histoire, Vol 19 (2) 2012, 249-274, ISSN 1350-7486

October 2003, "Gustave Hervé's Transition from Socialism to National Socialism: Continuity and Ambivalence." Journal of Contemporary History, Vol. 38(4), 515-538.

January 2001, "Gustave Hervé's Transition from Insurrectional Socialism to French National Socialism: Another Example of French Fascism?" published in The Journal of Contemporary History. Vol 36 (1), 5-39.

1999 Proceedings of the Western Society for French History, an abstract of "The Political Transformation of Gustave Hervé from Socialism to National Socialism and the Historiogrpahy of French Fascism."

1995 "The Disillusionment of a Revolutionary Socialist: Gustave Hervé and the Aernoult-Rousset Affair, 1909-1912"published in the 1995 Proceedings of the Western Society for French History.

1994 The Historian, Summer, 1994, Book review of Barry M. Shapiro's Revolutionary Justice in Paris, 1789-1790, ( Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993).

1992 Abstract of my paper "Diversity and Discord on the French Left before World War I:..." published in the 1992 Proceedings of the Western Society for French History.

Unjuried Publications, Presentations, and Writing

OCTOBER 12-13, 2012, Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio 45801, “The Foreign Policy of George W. Bush and Barack Obama Compared”, OHIO ASSOCIATION OF ECONOMISTS AND POLITICAL SCIENTISTS, 72nd ANNUAL MEETING & CONFERENCE

2010 April 2010 “Is America Addicted to War?” Powerpoint presentation and lecture at Tiffin University Spring Conference of the NOIAC, Northwest Ohio International Affairs Conference.

2007 November 27, 2007 Northern Review, “Bush is Pushing for War on Iran, The Ice Caps are Melting…”Editorial.

March 2007 “American Exceptionalism and the Unitary Presidency of George W. Bush: The Confluence of Christian Eschatology, Neoconservatism, and Authoritarian Nationalism in the Wake of 9/11,” The Presidency of George W. Bush, Presentation at Mount Union College.

2006 Delirium Journal, web publication at Ohio Northern University,“Faith, Science, and Darwin: A Critique of Intelligent Design”.

1998 April 22 Earth Day: Unpublished Essay titled "Earth First! and the Origins of Radical Environmentalism" preceding Earth Day Speaker Christopher Manes's "Prelude to Earth Day 1998: Deep Ecology and the Critique of the Anthropocentric World Views."

1998 January 21, A short essay on "American Middle East Policy and the UN/US Sanctions on Iraq" accompanied a presentation by Kathy Kelly, the Director of Voices in the Wilderness, who came to ONU to discuss the question "Are the UN/US-Imposed Sanctions on Iraq Contrary to American Ideals?" and to give and Multi-Media Presentation of her experiences in Iraq.

1997 April 27 "Judi Bari's Revolutionary Ecology and the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Berkeley, California." An essay and outline prepared for a presentation to the Unitarian Church of Lima, Ohio.

1996 Unpublished bibliographical essay entitled "Gustave Hervé-From Socialism to National Socialism: The Structure of a Political Transformation."

1995 Unpublished paper called "Political Language, Historical Memory, and French Cemetery Visitation: The Unmarked Tomb of Gustave Hervé."

Popular Publications

2010 July The Nation Magazine website, “What is Patriotism?”

2008 October 27, 2008 “The Obama Phenomena,” guest columnist for Demo-Dirt writing about international opinion and reactions to Barack Obama’s candidacy for the US Presidency.

2005 October ,"Loughlin Reflects on Issues of Faith and Reason", Delirium Journal: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Ohio Northern University

2005 October 1, Letters between Michael Loughlin and author Naomi Shihab Nye, Northern

Review, ONU Student Newspaper

2004 November 2, 2004 , “Preventive and Preemptive War: The Presidency of George W. Bush and the American Empire.” an editorial in The Northern Review.

2004 April Editorial "Comparing the Madrid Bombing and 9/11" in the Northern Review

2003 April 9, 2003 USAToday , "Terrorism Will Only Increase", Second Lead Editorial

2003 March 21, 2003 Northern Review ,“Terrorism, the War in Iraq, and American Foreign Policy.” Editorial

1997 Polaris poem entitled "Night Vision" and a photo entitled "Another Yosemite Bromide"

1994 “Faith, Reason, Science, and History: A Look at Claims for the Historical Proof of the Resurrection,”editorial in the Northern Review.