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Catherine Albrecht

Professor of History
History, Political Science, & Geography
525 S. Main Street
Ada, OH 45810

Catherine Albrecht received the Ph.D. in History from Indiana University and taught at colleges in Texas and Maryland before joining Ohio Northern University in 2009.  She is a specialist in the history of East Central Europe and teaches courses on modern European history and world civilizations.

Professional Experience: 

Professor of History, Ohio Northern University, 2009-present

Dean, Getty College of Arts and Sciences, Ohio Northern University, 2009-16

Professor of History, University of Baltimore, 1990-2009

Assistant Professor of History, Austin College, 1988-90


Ph.D., Indiana University

M.A., Indiana University

B.A., Indiana University

Research Interests: 

The intersection of national and economic competition in the Bohemian crownlands of the Habsburg Monarchy

The history of economic thought in central Europe

Selected Publications: 

“The Influence of Albín Bráf,” in: Antonie Doležalová, ed., Albín Bráf: Politik, národohospodár a jeho doba  (Studie Národohospodářského ůstavu Josefa Hlávky, 2013), pp. 13-20.

“Economic Nationalism in the Sudetenland, 1918-1938,” in: Mark Cornwall and R. J. W. Evans, eds., Czechoslovakia in a Nationalist and Fascist Europe, 1914-1950, Proceedings of the British Academy (New York: Oxford University Press, 2007), 89-108.

 “The Rhetoric of Economic Nationalism in the Boycott Campaigns of the Late Habsburg Monarchy,” Austrian History Yearbook 32 (2001): 47-67.

 “Chambers of Commerce and Czech-German Relations in the Late Nineteenth Century,” Bohemia 38/2 (1997): 298-310.

“Economic Nationalism among German Bohemians,” Nationalities Papers 24/1 (March 1996): 17-30.

“The Czech Economics Profession before 1914,” in: Charles E. McClelland, Stephan Merl, and Hannes Siegrist, eds., The Professions in Modern East Europe (Berlin: Duncker und Humblot, 1995), pp. 311-32. 

“Pride in Production: The Jubilee Exhibition of 1891 and Economic Competition between Czechs and Germans in Bohemia,” Austrian History Yearbook 24 (1993): 101-18.