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HPG Alumni Success

As graduation approaches, chances are you’ll face a dilemma – a good dilemma. You’ll have to choose between several awesome career paths for your future. Multiple job offers and acceptance into several graduate schools or law schools is the norm for our students. Here’s why:

  • Every step of your educational journey, we help to open doors for you. We guide you in gaining experience, building a professional network and creating a résumé that stands out.
  • Through our programs, you develop skills that are in-demand in the workforce and invaluable in law school or graduate school. You graduate with the ability to think critically, tackle complexity, communicate effectively, delve into research and work on a team. 
  • You will have a degree that provides you with a great deal of flexibility. Your passion, motivation and hard work takes you the rest of the way.
  • Our graduates typically select one of three paths immediately after graduation: full-time employment (in a variety of different fields), graduate school or law school.

Here’s where a few of our graduates have ended up:


  • Creative Learning Engineer, Ohio Historical Society
  • President, Indiana Historical Society
  • Director, Educational Division, Kentucky Historical Society
  • Education Coordinator, National Atomic Testing Museum
  • Social Studies Teacher, Wapakoneta High School

Graduate School:

  • Georgetown
  • George Washington
  • American University
  • Indiana University
  • University of Chicago
  • University of North Carolina
  • Law School:
  • Ohio State 
  • Ohio Northern
  • George Washington
  • William and Mary