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Mission Statement

The Center for Teacher Education is a community of dedicated faculty committed to providing quality instruction in the knowledge of the learner, knowledge of the discipline and knowledge of pedagogy. When these areas of knowledge are integrated, the end result is an enabling teacher who can prepare students with diverse backgrounds and abilities to contribute both individually and cooperatively to the common good of the larger society.

Teaching is Enabling

The enabling teacher develops knowledge, skills and dispositions that utilize understanding of the learner, the discipline and pedagogy to impact student learning. The model demonstrates the synergistic relationship that comes from the interaction of the four interdependent gears which, when properly meshed, result in an integrated mechanism that guides the development of autonomous, lifelong learners capable of contributing both individually and collectively to the common good of the larger society.


Program Administration

For general questions about our programs, please contact our Senior Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Cheryl Simon at 419-772-2118, during the academic year.  Mrs. Simon is also available through email at

To schedule a background check, please contact our Coordinator for Partnership Development, Ms. Penny Fiebiger at 419-772-2120, or through email at

For licensure requests or questions about transfer of coursework into Ohio Northern University, please contact our Department Chair, Dr. Diana Garlough at 419-772-2127 or

For curricular questions such as transfer of coursework within Ohio Northern University, please contact our Department Chair, Dr. Diana Garlough at 419-772-2127 or

Education Department

Dr. Diana Garlough

Dukes 306
525 South Main Street
Ada, Ohio 45810
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