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Submission Form for Posters at the Capitol: Undergraduate Research in Northwest Ohio



To participate in Posters at the Capitol: Undergraduate Research in Northwest Ohio, you must complete this submission form thoroughly and accurately and submit it on or before Friday, March 21, 2014.




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Undergraduate Authors
The first undergraduate author listed is considered the primary contact for Posters at the Capitol. He or she should plan on attending the presentations at the Ohio Statehouse. Other students authors are, of course, also welcome.
First undergraduate author
Gradauate and professional researchers
In this section, list all non-undergraduate researchers and authors associated with the project. Include graduate students, professors, corporate or government scientists, post-doctoral researchers, etc.
First professional researcher
The first professional researcher listed should be the project's primary research adviser. He or she will be contacted to provide a statement of support for the inclusion of your project in the presentations at Posters at the Capitol. This statement will not be printed in the PATC abstract book, but it may be used in the decision-making process if space does not permit all submitted projects to be presented this year.
Research presentation information