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Getty College of Arts & Sciences

92% Placement rate in Arts & Sciences 17 Departments and 51 MajorsIn the Getty College of Arts & Sciences, we educate the artists, musicians, writers, doctors, teachers and scientists of the future. Our college encompasses a wide range of studies in the liberal and fine arts, sciences, and pre-professional programs. Students work directly with faculty in small classroom environments to obtain strong theoretical foundations. Our mission is to prepare students for graduate programs, professional studies and employment, and a life of learning and independent thinking.

Reach past your limits and discover unlimited possibility.

 50+ Majors, Minors and ConcentrationsWhat are the last great areas of discovery? Maybe you’re interested in pioneering genetic breakthroughs in the biochemistry lab. Maybe you wish to create masterpieces of modern art. Maybe you’re not sure, but you know it involves helping people. In the Getty College of Arts & Sciences, we’ve built an environment where you can explore your passions, work with talented professors and pursue what excites you most.

The program begins with a rigorous liberal arts foundation. This is more than basic skills and competency lessons. You’ll understand the value of knowledge and the importance of becoming a lifelong learner while gaining an education that will serve you wherever you go.

In larger schools, the competition for attention from your professors can be tough. Thanks to smaller class sizes, you’ll be able to work closely with your instructors as soon as you start.

28% of Arts & Sciences students are active in ONU AthleticsIf you’re ready to lead, you’ll find the opportunity here. And if you’re eager to learn, you’ll find a setting that prepares you for success. Hands-on learning, internships, mentorships and student-guided research projects are essential parts of every Polar Bear’s journey through the College of Arts & Sciences.

Success is yours to create. We’ll help you shape it.