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Young Alumni Council Application

The success of the Council depends largely on the leadership and enthusiasm provided by the Council members. An effort will be made to appoint Council members who represent the diverse interests, backgrounds and demographics of ONU young alumni. Council members are to volunteer for projects on an ad hoc basis. The Council is facilitated by an Assistant Director of the ONU Annual Giving

Member responsibilities include:

  • Actively participating in Founders Day activities
  • Actively planning and participating in regional Network gatherings or fundraising activities, with special attention toward engaging young alumni through diverse programming
  • Representing the University and Alumni Office in regional student recruitment events
  • Donating annually to ONU

Term of Office
Council members serve for a term of three years and may apply for reappointment to an additional three-year period at the expiration of their first term, alongside other applicants.


Questions? Contact Nicole Neely 419-772-2110 or