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Logo Request

Be sure you are using the correct logo for your activity or publication! The University logo is to be used for all communications that represent the University, especially to its external audiences, in the form of print or electronic communications, publications, apparel or merchandise. This is considered to be the University’s “official” logo. The Polar Bear (athletics) logo is to be used primarily by athletics, but also may be used for alumni and student groups or activities for publications or events that primarily impact an internal ONU audience. Apparel with the Polar Bear logo is permitted, but design must be approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing prior to printing. The seal of the University is only to be used for special, official University occasions and on documents related to commencement, inauguration, diplomas, etc.

Any Ohio Northern University group or organization sponsoring an activity or event must receive design approval from Communications and Marketing before producing or printing materials, merchandise or apparel with the University logo or word mark.

Logos may not be altered in any way without the express permission of the Office of UCM.

Please complete the form below to go to logo galleries and to download files. For questions or assistance, contact the art and design staff in Communications and Marketing at 419-772-2048 or 419-772-2759.