As a physics major at ONU, you will have opportunities to study properties of two-dimensional crystals formed by charged particles in a dusty plasma, you will spend nights exploring the sky with modern telescopes, you will investigate the geometry of crystal surfaces by using powerful computers, you will delve into the new field of quantum computing, and you will immortalize your favorite toy as a hologram.

Large universities just can’t provide the individualized attention and opportunities you will find here. Throughout your four years, you will explore classical and modern physics using experimental, theoretical and computational tools leading to a capstone experience where you will research a problem on the frontier of physics. You will work on independent projects, and assist professors on grant-funded research. Most physics students present their research at bi-annual conferences of the Eastern Great Lakes Section of the American Physical Society.

From the time you arrive on campus until you graduate, you will be steered by a faculty advisor. You’ll enjoy small class sizes and amazing friendships with your fellow physics majors. Our dedicated professors will get to know you. They will support you in your coursework, research at ONU and outside, post-graduate or career preparations. They will become personally invested in your success – in college and beyond.