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Interdisciplinary Studies

Explore and Integrate Knowledge

The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies houses those interdisciplinary academic programs that transcend the disciplinary boundaries assumed in the divisions created between the four undergraduate colleges and the departments within the College of Arts & Sciences. The Center uses the following definition with regards to interdisciplinary programs:

An interdisciplinary academic program draws from two or more distinct academic disciplines. The program is based on a conceptual model that links or integrates theoretical frameworks from those disciplines, uses study design and methodology that is not limited to any one field, and requires the use of perspectives and skills of the involved disciplines throughout multiple phases of the program.

The Center currently houses the programs in public health, medical humanities and environmental sciences.

The director of interdisciplinary studies oversees the Center’s interdisciplinary programs with significant input by steering committees of faculty for each of its programs. The current steering committees are as follows:

Public Health

  • Ray Person (chair)
  • Chris North
  • Becky Brooks
  • Karen Kier
  • Natalie DiPietro Mager
  • Samantha Howe
  • Lisa Walden

Medical Humanities

  • Doug Dowland (chair)
  • Becky Brooks
  • Chris North
  • Megan Clegg-Kraynok
  • Samantha Howe

Environmental Studies

  • Forrest Clingerman (chair)
  • Jay Mager
  • Leslie Riley
  • Chris Spiese
  • Mark Dixon