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Honors Program

Photo of students sitting in front of campus buildingMission Statement
The ONU Honors Program has been established to stimulate highly qualified students in any field of study who are capable of meeting academic challenges and who choose to do so. Students are encouraged to develop their full intellectual potential within a continuing community of scholarly excellence that offers exciting and enhanced varieties of academic experiences.

Honors Program experiences are designed to nurture students' curiosity, their written and oral communication skills, and their leadership capabilities as well as to provide an opportunity for students to be more actively involved in their education. The Honors Program requirements will allow you to fulfill University and College General Education requirements through special seminars, work closely with faculty members as you advance in your major, and join a community of students who share your commitment to make the most of their college education.

Do I qualify for the program?
To apply for the ONU Honors Program, applicants must be accepted students to Ohio Northern University, have a minimum 29 ACT composite score or SAT (math + verbal) equivalent, and submit an essay. 

My ACT is too low to apply now. Can I apply for the Honors Program during my first year?
Yes. Students who have a 3.5 or higher GPA at the end of their first semester at Ohio Northern are eligible to apply for the Honors Program at that time. Contact Dr. Hurtig for more information.

What are the Honors Program requirements?
The Honors Program has four elements:

  1. Honors Program Orientation
    Taught by the Honors Program director, this class brings together students from all four colleges to engage in activities that will prepare you for the various elements of the Honors Program.
  2. Three Honors Seminars
    Small, discussion-oriented seminars that replace existing University General Education classes with custom-designed topics.
  3. Two Contract courses
    Work with faculty members in your major to enhance an upper-division class, do research, or follow up on experiential learning such as internships or study abroad.
  4. Honors Capstone Enhancement
    Explore an additional dimension of your college capstone requirement that is of special interest to you.

I am in business (or engineering or pharmacy). Can I participate?
Yes. The Honors Program is open to all undergraduates and has been carefully designed to be compatible with the specific scheduling needs of students in the professional colleges.

Can I double major and still complete the requirements?
Yes. The Honors Program is designed to be compatible with very full schedules. For example, the Honors Seminars meet general education requirements, and the Contract Courses do not add additional hours. Many Honors Program students double major; participate in study abroad; and are involved in athletics, theatre, service and other activities.

What recognition do Honors Program graduates receive?
At commencement, the Honors Program student will be recognized as an “ONU Honors Program Graduate.” Diplomas and transcripts also will acknowledge completion of the Honors Program.

Are there separate scholarships for Honors Program students?
We do not have separate scholarships, although Honors Program students are typically eligible for substantial support from Ohio Northern because of their strong records.

Is there special housing available for the Honors Program?
Yes. First-year Honors Program students have the option of choosing housing in the Honors Program wing of Founders Hall reserved for this purpose. Second-year students can choose to live in the Honors Program Affinity House. All Honors Program housing is optional.

Who do I talk to for more info?

Dr. Julie Hurtig
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
204 Lehr Building