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Reserve Policy for Items owned by Instructor or the Library

Items may be placed on Reserve only for the semester they are taught.

Two working days are required for items to be prepared for reserve.

The following information should accompany the material:

  1. Semester(s) the items should be held on reserve
  2. Name(s) of instructor(s)
  3. Department
  4. Course Name
  5. Course Number
  6. Loan period

Reserve forms are available online or in the library.

If you are sending more than one item AND the items are to have different loan periods, fill out a form for each item.

If the items are copies of articles or handouts the material should be fixed in a folder or binder.

All reserves have an expiration date, i.e. the last day of the semester that the course is taught.

Loan Periods

2-hour -- 2-hour loan and the item never leaves the library
2-hour overnight -- 2-hour loan when the library is open; may leave the library within the last 2 hours the library is open but is due immediately when the library opens next day
4-hour -- 4-hours use in the library
1-day -- 1 day use
3-day -- 3 day use
7-day -- 7 day use

Removing Material From Reserve

At the beginning of each semester, all material on reserve for the previous semester will be taken off; personal copies will be returned to faculty members through the campus mail.

Each faculty member will also receive a list of material on reserve under her/his name. The list may be resubmitted when the course is taught again.

For additional information and assistance contact the circulation desk: 419-772-2181 or email

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