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Outside Employment Report

Report form for Outside Employment

Instructions for the Report Form on Outside Employment:

Please complete the Report Form on Outside Employment when it is made available through Qualtrics every fall. The following is the statement from the Faculty Handbook (2.14) regarding outside employment:

No faculty member may engage in any outside work that will interfere with the competent performance of the faculty member's professional responsibilities.

Outside work for remuneration, including professional consultation and service that does not interfere with the competent performance of professional responsibilities to the University, may be undertaken if the faculty member notifies the administration in writing of the proposed outside work prior to its commencement. The notice required hereunder shall include all pertinent details, such as employer, including self-employment, assigned hours or estimated hours, and schedule. This is provided, however, that no such notice is required for occasional, non-professional work that does not cause the absence of the faculty member from assigned professional duties.

This form will be launched through Qualtrics in the fall from the Institutional Research Department. If, at a later date, you anticipate a change in your outside employment activity, you should contact the dean or director prior to commencement of any work.