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Faculty Travel and Absence Forms


If you are traveling internationally for University related matters, you need to complete the Faculty/Staff International Travel Registration form.

You will need to sign in to this web form using your ONU login information, and then enter details for your trip.  You may upload a detailed trip itinerary to the form.  If you have any questions, please contact Lynda Nyce at


Planned and Unplanned Faculty Absence Form

1. Objectives of the Policy

The regular meeting of classes is an important reflection of faculty concern for students that distinguishes Ohio Northern from some other institutions. Although the University is certainly interested in having faculty members involved in professional meetings and other development activities, and there are other circumstances justifying brief and infrequent class absences, neither should occur to the detriment of classroom instruction. Excessive faculty absences deprive students of the instruction for which they have paid and to which they are entitled.

2. Procedure

The Faculty Handbook (2.12.3) Absences for Personal and Professional Reasons specifies the procedure for handling the planned absences of faculty members. Note that such absences require the approval of the department chair (if there is one) and the dean and that these absences are to be reported to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The enclosed Report of Absence of Faculty Member from Campus Duties Due to Personal/Professional Reasons indicates the information that should be obtained.

Faculty members who are unexpectedly unable to meet classes or other University responsibilities should promptly notify the department chair (if there is one), who, in turn, will notify the dean's office of all such unplanned absences. Each college should have a system for collecting and recording this information. It is the responsibility of the chair and the dean to take note of the reported or unreported absences and to make certain that the classes are made up in some fashion agreeable to students.

Protracted (i.e., one week) or frequent (i.e., producing three absences in three weeks or less) absences should be reported to the vice president for academic affairs, who will coordinate any additional inquiry as to the cause and, where appropriate, make a request that there be a doctor's report.

3. Monitoring: Dean or Director's Role

If administrative officers are to properly meet their management responsibilities in the event that some personnel action becomes necessary, the University must be able to substantiate that all faculty members have received equal treatment in any procedure that produces evidence of excessive or critical absences. This equal treatment will include asking all faculty members to comply with the University Faculty Handbook and college reporting requirements and monitoring the compliance of all faculty members.

Please discuss these matters with your department chairs and faculty and present them in the most positive light, that is, obligations to the students, professional responsibility and assistance to the University regarding insurance coverage. The deans and directors hold the primary responsibility for monitoring these matters.

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