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Assessment of Program SLO

All academic programs provide annual assessment reports of student learning outcomes (SLOs).  Assessment reports are composed of a comprehensive assessment plan (Part I) and a description of the ways the plan was implemented during the annual assessment cycle (Part II).  Reports are evaluated by the University Assessment Committee using evaluation rubrics, and programs incorporate the feedback they receive from the Committee into the future assessment process.

To download the Assessment Report Template (Word file) and submit your completed reports, click this link to the Moodle site.  This site provides example assessment forms and resources as well as evaluation results.  While the annual reports must be submitted by the department chair or a faculty member designated by the chair, all faculty members of the department should have access to the site.

The Annual Assessment Report is due by October 15 for each prior academic year.  If you have any questions about the assessment of student learning outcomes or annual reporting process, please contact Dr. Eunhee Kim at

Assessment Report Template (PDF)