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Dual Degree, Dual Major, Secondary Academic Program Information

Dual Degree – student seeks two different degrees (for example, BS and BFA).

  • Complete major requirements for both majors
  • Complete degree requirements for both degrees
  • Complete an additional 30 semester hours beyond the degree requiring the least number of hours

Both degrees could come from the College of Arts & Sciences or from different colleges at ONU (for example, a BM in music performance and a BFA in graphic design or a PharmD in pharmacy and a BS in public health). Students pursing a degree in the College of Engineering or the College of Pharmacy must be registered in one of those colleges as their primary degree program but may pursue an additional degree in A&S.


Dual Major – the student seeks one degree (for example, a BS or BA) and two majors offered with that same degree.

  • Complete major requirements for both majors
  • Complete degree requirements

For example, a BA in communication and a BA in psychology or a BS in biology and a BS in physics.


Secondary Academic Program – student seeks one degree but two majors that are awarded under different degrees. (Student only seeks the second major, not the second degree.)

  • Complete major requirements for both majors
  • Complete degree requirements for degree of primary major only

Degree will be received from the college offering the primary major; secondary academic program can be from any college.  For example, a BS in exercise physiology and a major in marketing.


Dual Degrees/Majors and Capstones

Because all of the above scenarios require students to complete the major requirements for both majors, a student must register for and complete the capstone requirement for both majors. However, if appropriate, the capstone may be interdisciplinary by fulfilling all requirements of the primary major and drawing on work relevant to the second major. This approach does not work well for some diverse major pairs, so an interdisciplinary capstone must be approved by department chairs, academic advisors and faculty capstone advisors from both majoring units in advance of registration of the capstone courses.


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