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Advising Information for Faculty with the College of Arts and Sciences

Good advising may be the single most underestimated characteristic of a successful college experience. 

Light, R.J. (2001) Making the most of college.

Advising Semester Timeline Suggestions

Week 1: Send an email to all new advisees welcoming them to your department and informing them that you are their academic advisor. Also tell them your office location, contact information and office hours.

Week 3: Contact new freshman advisees (fall semester only) to discuss the results of the CSI – College Student Inventory (if their results were released to you) and to introduce yourself; discuss how life/classes/their adjustment to college is going. Provide connections to resources if necessary.

Week 8: Students register for the following semester during weeks 10-11.

  • Send an email to new and returning advisees about scheduling an appointment with you to discuss registering for next semester.
  • Students can sign up for advising appointments electronically using your Google calendar. For information and training on using this feature, please contact Sharyn Zembower, Ed Tech, at 419-772-2311 or
  • This Student Schedule Planning Worksheet may be helpful when planning times for a student’s schedule.
  • Utilize Degree Works when scheduling.
  • Also discuss midterm grades (if reported) with the students.
    • Explain that grades of C or better are required in major classes.
    • Explain the minimum 2.00 GPA required in the major to graduate.
  • Remind advisees to complete an application for graduation two semesters in advance of their anticipated term of graduation. This Application for Graduation can be completed online or printed and filled out by hand.
  • Manage academic recovery for students on probation.
    • Review tutoring options for courses.
    • Discuss appropriate major course and possible alternatives courses in which they are likely to be successful.


Weeks 13-14: Verify each advisee’s schedule.

  • Check Self Service Banner to verify that your advisee signed up for the courses you suggested. If not, be sure you note in Degree Works what you suggested they schedule. Remember that students, and anyone else with access, can see all notes you post.
  • Email all advisees that did not yet register and ask if they need assistance with scheduling.

At the end or beginning of each academic year

Check each advisee in Degree Works to verify they are on track to graduate in four years

  • Did they take the necessary freshman/sophomore/junior/senior major courses?
  • Have they taken (and passed) approximately 30/60/90/120 credit hours? (All A&S majors must complete a minimum of 120 hours to graduate.)
  • Is their major/degree correct in Degree Works? Do they have a second major or a minor?
  • Verify that their graduation date is correct. If incorrect, the student needs to email the registrar at and tell them the correct graduation date in writing.

Advising Helpful Hints

Document items discussed during advising sessions in the NOTES area of Degree Works. (Anyone with access to Degree Works can see all notes you post, including the student.)

  • Work with other academic areas to ensure advisees’ success
    • Refer advisees to Secondary Academic Program advisors
    • Refer advisees to other departments for advice on minors
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