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March 6, 2009

Today was our last day on the work site. We accomplished quite a few tasks including finishing up the sheathing and routing out the windows and doors. Along with Joseph, Ken (our driver/advisor/friend), Sonja Umbs of the Alumni Office, I was in charge of the routing. It was immensely empowering to operate a power tool. Ken also helped us rig up a very efficent system where one of us could guide the router and the other could pull the router with more force than one of us could have exerted on our own. We also made much progress on the back deck and the front porch.

After working, we raced back to Camp Victor to get ready for a nice dinner out as a group. Getting 23 girls in and out of the showers and ready to go out in an hour and 15 minutes was quite the challenge but we did in fact make it to the restaurant on time for our reservation. We went to Café New Orleans, a quaint place in Ocean Springs that specializes in Cajun seafood. We had invited Austin, Joseph and Tommy to dinner earlier in the day and, though they were late, they did join us for our last hurrah.

Tomorrow we depart at 5:00 a.m. While we are excited to get back to Ada, it’s definitely going to be hard to leave Camp Victor, its staff and this week behind. The devotional last night was themed around the effect we’ve all had on each other and we all got the chance to reflect on what we’ve learned and felt this week. We’ve formed strong friendships and acquired many new skills, from sawing and routing to hammering and framing walls. We’ve learned much more than just about construction. The importance of service to others and teamwork has manifested itself to all of us this week. The opportunity to provide assistance to someone who desperately needs it is one that would have been a tragedy to pass up and we’re grateful we were able to do so. This is an experience none of us are likely to forget anytime soon.


Our group in front of the progress we made on our house throughout the week