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March 5, 2009

The house really began to come together today. We got the last of the interior walls up and began sheathing, which means to hang plywood on the walls. Sheathing requires an immense amount of hammering because each sheet of plywood needs a nail every four inches along the border and a nail every six inches along the two or three studs in the middle. This task took most of the day, but the house is finally starting to actually resemble a house. It’s a very powerful thing to see something as essential to life as a house come to fruition right before one’s eyes and I know the whole group is thankful for this opportunity.

After the tiring workday, it was decided as a group to head to the beach for some relaxation. Today was the nicest it’s been weather-wise all week at about 75 degrees. Though the water is still cold this time of year, three of us managed to brave the chill and get in the water. We returned in time for dinner and are now relaxing until group huddle. People also played soccer and hunted beach treasure.

It’s very difficult to believe that today is already Thursday and that we have just one workday left. When we got here and saw what little progress had been made on the house, it seemed a daunting task. It is truly amazing how much a group of people can accomplish with their forces combined. Not only will we leave with the satisfaction of having helped a family in dire need, we’ve really gotten to know each other and make friendships that will honestly last. Despite, or perhaps because of, sunburns, injured thumbs and communal living, we’ve created inside jokes and close bonds. Come Saturday, it will be bittersweet to leave.


The Mississippi Sound

Mississippi Sound

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