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March 4, 2009

Today was a highly successful day. After arriving on the work site, we were able to assemble and put up all of the exterior walls and the majority of the interior walls. Austin and Joseph help keep the mood very upbeat and morale is very high, even when the work gets difficult and frustrating. Everyone worked hard and was certainly sleepy by the end of the day.

After the workday was over, we decided to take a group field trip on a quest to find an ice cream shop. The closest one to Camp Victor turned out to be about 20 minutes away. It was a little mom and pop place called “Bop’s” and actually served frozen custard rather than ice cream. Their specialty is the “Concrete,” which is essentially a blizzard mixed so thick you can turn the cup upside down and it won’t fall out. Even with 35 customers, the three workers were cheery and efficient. Everyone was thoroughly satisfied with their frozen treats even though they had basically ruined their dinners.

After dinner we had some free time before our group huddle. I ended up walking down to the beach with a few friends. According to Devin, one of Camp Victor’s long term volunteers, the beach isn’t actually on the Gulf, but is on the Mississippi Sound and is regenerated by saltwater from the Gulf. We also passed a variety of Ocean Spring’s quaint shops and restaurants. At the beach, we met some students from Sienna Heights University in Michigan. There are also students here from Point Park University in Pittsburgh.

Our group huddle tonight was a wonderful bonding experience as per usual. After singing and sharing our roses and thorns, everyone again was able to pursue leisurely activities of their choice before bed.