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England: Post 1

Hi! My name is Dan Jones, and I'm a senior Political Science major/English minor. I'm writing to record some of my experiences that I'm having in England while I stay there for a summer. This summer, I'm working at the Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA) (, which is a nongovernmental organization that does its best to ensure a proper practice of law for countries within the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is comprised of 44 different countries, working together to form a better, stronger world where more developed countries can look out for less developed countries. The CLA's secretariat is based here in London, and I've been living here for the past three weeks, working, taking classes, and trying my best to see an incredibly diverse and large city.

 The flat I'm living in is off of Tottenham Court Road, and is just a few blocks north of the River Thames and Trafalgar Square. It's a set of five of us, and we comprise colleges from across the US: Suffolk, Pitt, Eastern Kentucky, and West Liberty are the colleges in my room. I'm doing this program through the Washington Center, which is basically an internship finder and academic program planner, but the place we work through in England is called CAPA, which is located on Cromwell Road near Chelsea. Through CAPA, I was able to find an internship, and I'm taking classes during the week, one of which is an internship experiential learning class, and the other being a contemporary British history and culture class.

 As I go through the next 6 weeks, I'll make sure to update with what's going on in and around England, and share my experiences with whomever cares to read. Hope you enjoy!