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Food Poisoning Revisited

                I’ve had the pleasure of being poisoned in Florida, Ohio, Canada, Morocco and now: Cuba. For me it has always been a result of dinner; which inevitably leads to a sleepless night (and feeling of impending doom) followed by early morning illness. It’s a feeling that becomes more familiar, like an old friend stopping in for a visit, every time I’m lucky enough to be graced by its splendor.

                This is a great time to point out that people with limited resources are great recyclers and clever backyard engineers. They make their own car parts and among many other things recycle food into a downward spiral of dishes until recycling is just no longer an option. My overall suggestion would simply be: avoid the vegetable pudding. A gelatinous concoction of three-day-old vegetables from the salad bar mixed with some salmonella laden eggs and rancid butter. Ok, ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but, if it looks like it may have been recycled, don’t eat it.

                Another interesting point to make, however, is that I’ve consumed the water in places where many have refused before (Uruguay, Peru, Morocco, Chile, Argentina, Hungary, Costa Rica, Panama, etc.). Just like in those countries I find tap water in Havana to be just fine (and will continue to think so until the amoebas come marching in and forcefully change my mind).