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Greetings from South Africa

Being in schools is a really amazing experience. It really makes you think about how fortunate we as Americans are. It has really been incredible being here and being completely immersed in a new culture.


I appreciate the balance between the practical and academic applications of democracy that working with the Fulbright-Hays Study Abroad program has provided.  It’s rewarding to renew friendships with people we’ve met on previous visits and to hear from resident experts on a variety of topics.

-Diana Garlough

South  Africa is an amazing place.  I have really enjoyed talking with the people at the school and  different places we have visited.  I am learning a lot about the education system in the different schools and have enjoyed working with the teachers on planning and  teaching a few math lessons.  The educators and learners at the school are a delight to be around.

-Debra  Gallagher

Through the experiences I have had in the first half of this trip I have learned much more than I anticipated. South Africa is a truly beautiful country.  I very much enjoy working with the schools in Lepishi and I am excited to continue to work with some of the teachers here.

-Betsy Bair                                            

My experience in South Africa has not only changed my view of the country but has changed my life. Every interaction that I have had thus far has opened my mind to so many ideas and concepts that I will be able to use in the classroom and in my personal endeavors. I am excited to see what happens next and hope that what comes from this experience will educate those at home about South Africa.

-Casanova Green


This experience has provided me with a new perspective on life.  It has only been two weeks and I have learned so much! South Africa is a beautiful place with unforgettable imagery everywhere you look.  Working in the schools in the village has made me appreciate and value my own education in America. The South Africans we have met are truly amazing people! They are so resourceful and  have provided us with a diverse outlook on South Africa s democracy, society, and their personal way of life. I have enjoyed every minute with our wonderful group as we embark and continue our study.  I am looking forward to sharing this experience with others. It is really rewarding.

-Katelyn Amendolara



The trip thus far has been exceptionally educational and informative. Of particular interest is the historical roots of the nation and its people. As we travel the people have shared their varied perspectives regarding the state of the nation today in its’ infant democracy. South Africa is a nation of diversity politically, culturally, linguistically and geographically. There is an optimistic hope that lends itself to democracy and the future.

--Chad Spencer

 Sawbona! Our group’s experiences have been amazingly varied and rich.  The days at an Afrikaans university with lectures by scholars in South African politics, history, linguistic and cultural challenges in the post-apartheid era, tours of famous geological and wildlife areas such as the great meteor crater and Kruger National Park, our over-night stay in the cultural heritage village where we experienced  4 different tribal cultures, and our days spent at the primary and secondary schools in Lephisi village have opened our eyes to the complexities facing this beautiful nation.  We are happy to be here and are learning much about democracy—theirs and ours. 

--Eva McManus

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