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Notice of Nondiscrimination


I. Notice of Nondiscrimination

This Sex Discrimination Policy (“Policy”) addresses all forms of sexual discrimination prohibited under Title IX, including sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. Title IX is a federal law which provides that no person, on the basis of sex, shall be “excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

Ohio Northern University (“ONU” or the “University”) does not discriminate or tolerate discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, transgender status, gender identity, or gender expression in its educational, extracurricular, or athletic programs, or in any admission or employment decisions.

The University is committed to promptly and equitably responding to all reports of sexual discrimination with the goal of eliminating the misconduct and/or harassment, preventing its recurrence, and addressing its effects on any individual or the community.

This Policy applies to allegations of sex discrimination made against any ONU student1 by a fellow student or other member of the ONU community. The Policy applies regardless of sexual orientation, as Complainants and Respondents may be female, male, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered students.

This Policy applies to allegations of sex discrimination on or off campus. It applies in face to face encounters, social media and other forms of electronic communication.2 It applies whenever sex discrimination creates a hostile and discriminatory environment on campus or significantly affects another student’s access to education.

The Policy is published online on the University website and emailed annually to all University email addresses. It is also included in the Student Handbook, which is electronically distributed annually to all students. Additional copies are available upon request from the Office of Student Conduct.

1 Any person who alleges sex discrimination by a faculty member, administrator, or staff member (rather than by a student) is strongly encouraged to report complaints as described in this Policy. The Title IX team will partner with the Office of Human Resources to address the matter.
2 This Policy governs allegations of sex discrimination as defined above, and supersedes any related Collegespecific policy or procedure, including the Pettit College of Law’s Code of Professional Responsibility.