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Education and Programs

Sex Discrimination Policy: Part 6

VI. Education and Programs

Education and training on the Sex Discrimination Policy is provided annually to the University community.

All in-coming students are required to complete the mandatory training, which covers sex discrimination, alcohol and drug policies. This information is also covered with all in-coming students during their orientation via a presentation by the Office of Student Conduct and the Title IX Office. Ongoing prevention and awareness programming on issues involved in sex discrimination, including sexual violence, is offered to all students and employees throughout the year.

Training for University employees on Sexual Harassment/Misconduct is a requirement of each and every employee on-campus and must be renewed on an ongoing basis. Disciplinary Board members, Board of Appeals members, and members of the Title IX team receive annual training focused on handling cases of sex discrimination, including cases involving sexual violence. First responders, such as ONU Security and Office of Student Conduct staff receive regular, ongoing training focused on working with victims/survivors of sex discrimination.