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Reducing Waste

Waste reduction can be as important as recycling in saving natural resources, energy and waste disposal space and costs, and in reducing pollution risks. There also is the opportunity to reduce the toxic substances in waste. Individuals can help reduce waste by making environmentally aware decisions about everyday things. Reducing garbage means not disposing of waste or recycling it later. Changing habits is the key – think about ways to reduce waste.

  • Ohio Northern has applied for a grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to fund the removal and containment of compostable biosolids from Food Services. Through this program, campus food waste would be compressed into bundles of compost, which could then either be given away or sold to farmers. Programs such as this need a governmental sponsor; ONU’s sponsor will be Northwest Solid Waste District.
  • ONU’s SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) compiled a list of easy lifestyle changes we can all make to reduce the size of our carbon footprints. Tips for reducing your carbon footprint