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Academic Programs

Advanced Energy Concentration

The Ohio Northern advanced energy concentration is open to electrical, mechanical and computer engineering students. The concentration builds on a foundation of strong fundamentals coupled with current energy topics and issues.

The advanced energy concentration curriculum consists of core discipline specific courses and energy-relevant required and electives courses. Energy-relevant courses are both within the chosen discipline and from the other engineering disciplines. This cross-discipline, energy-focused approach prepares students for the integrated concepts prevalent within advanced energy technologies.

Environmental and Field Biology

The environmental and field biology major connects key concepts from many disciplines in an environmental context, providing a framework for the study of ecosystems and human interaction with the Earth. Environmental challenges face every business, agency and institution – from the decision of whether to recycle junk mail at the smallest two-person office, to the decision of how to cost-effectively comply with complex environmental regulations in big industry. Part of the idea of majoring in environmental studies is to be better prepared for a wide array of challenges.

Students who studied in this area are pursuing careers with industrial firms, consulting firms and governmental agencies. Students liked the idea of an interdisciplinary program that drew concepts from several different fields. Environmental issues are found in all kinds of fields, from geology and biology to public policy and law.