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Tyler Bernardy

ONU brings together community and educational excellence.

When Tyler Bernardy combined his interests in math, physics, science and teaching with engineering, he found the engineering education program at ONU. His plan is to work in engineering industry technical development before returning to teach at the university level.

An internship with Honda’s technical development center helped him solidify those plans. And it reinforced his appreciation for his ONU education. “Everyone had some experience with an ONU alumnus, all of which were positive. My coworkers were very impressed with every ONU student they have ever worked with, and many said they preferred interns and employees from ONU to many other schools,” he explains.

It’s more than classroom excellence that keeps him at ONU. “It’s a small, close-knit school that allows me to pursue my interests, especially those that are outside of my field such as athletics or religious life,” he says. These outside activities include Newman Club and Habitat for Humanity as well as playing and watching a host of sports.