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Hannah Gustafson

A little entertainment on the way to a serious career.

Pharmacy major Hannah Gustafson foresees a future working in a children’s hospital and specializing in pediatric oncology. “Being an advocate for children with cancer would be challenging, but very rewarding,” she says.

While she prepares for that future, she is taking on a very different challenge – bringing entertainment to ONU. As a member of the University’s Student Planning Committee, she helps plan weekly entertainment. This includes everything from the highly successful bingo night to appearances by nationally known performers.  

“For two years, I have had the privilege of attending the National Association of Campus Activities Conference in Boston, Mass., and Minneapolis, Minn. The conferences include performances by renowned entertainers, educational sessions about planning college events, and opportunities for networking with students from other universities. Through the conferences, I have been able to select entertainers and speakers and invite them to perform on our campus,” she explains.