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Kayla Hummell

The more things you try, the more things you’ll learn you like.  

She’s gotten down and dirty in a rugby scrum, swung a hammer at Habitat for Humanity and politicked at Student Senate – and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kayla Hummell always knew she was going to become a Polar Bear. Her father was a football player, her mother was a cheerleader and Kayla grew up coming to Homecoming games. And when she started here, she also knew that she wanted her time at college to be unlike anything she’d ever experienced.

Kayla credits involvement with extracurricular activities for helping round out her experience and giving her time here more depth and enjoyment. Because she’s spent time exploring her interests and trying new things, she knows that she’ll leave college a more well-rounded person. And at the very least, now she knows how to set up a spike in a mud pit.

She wasn’t scared to try new things. And now, she’s a fearless Polar Bear.