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International Student On-Campus Employment

  • F-visa students cannot work on campus during their first semester at ONU.
  • J-visa students are typically not approved to work on campus.

How Do I Get a Job?

  • Jobs that are listed as "student employment" are only available to U.S. citizens; therefore, you must look for jobs tagged as "area local jobs for students."
  • Job postings are available in the Polar Careers powered by Symplicity database; log in with your email address and password and search for "Area Local Jobs for Students." Or you can make an appointment to speak with someone at the Polar Careers office on the second floor of McIntosh Center. Ask classmates, professors and friends if they know of any jobs available. 
  • Click here for step-by-step tips on how to apply for a job using Polar Careers powered by Symplicity.
    Also, click here for tips on how to identify possible job opportunities.

What Should I Do After I Get a Job?

  • In order to be eligible to work, and to get paid, you must have a social security number. The first step is to obtain a Verification of Employment letter from your supervisor where you're working. This is a sample Verification of Employment letter.
  • Schedule an appointment with International Services because they must also write a Work Eligibility letter for you. Bring the Verification of Employment letter to the International Services office.
  • Now, you must formally apply for a social security number because you cannot work without one. Contact Omega Hollies in International Services for assistance and follow the procedures here.

When Can I Start Actually Working?

  • You can begin working as soon as you can show proof that you have applied for a social security number (receipt from the social security office). It will take about two weeks for you to receive your number and card in the mail.
  • As soon as you have applied for the social security number, you must go to human resources in the Lehr Building at ONU to get set up for payroll and timesheets. You must bring your passport, I-94 and proof of application for the social security number (receipt). Once your social security card arrives, show it to human resources. Human resources will have you fill out an I-9 and other tax forms. If you have any questions about those forms, direct your questions to HR.

 Are There Rules to Working On Campus?

  • Visit this webpage to find more information about ONU's Student Employment Program
  • Current student pay rates: 
    • $8.10/hour - Normal student pay rate, both work-study and non-work-study
    • $9.39/hour - Law research
    • $11.20/hour - Computing and technical
    • $13.36/hour - Grant research
  • International students cannot work more than 15 hours a week during the academic year. During breaks and summer, most international students can work more than 15 hours.