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McIntosh Center Policies and Regulations

  1. All requests for facilities in McIntosh Center must be made at the information desk in McIntosh Center during regular office hours. Registration of an event on the student-activities calendar does not constitute a reservation for McIntosh Center.
  2. Any student-sponsored event must be cleared for the calendar by the director of McIntosh Center before reservations for physical facilities are made.
  3. On campus groups are encouraged to hang posters and advertisements for on campus events in McIntosh Center.  Up to four posters may be hung after approval from the Information Desk. Off campus events and groups must receive permission from the Director or designee.
  4. Since McIntosh Center must be of service to all of the University community, certain policies have been established relative to specific facilities in the building. 
  5. Special arrangements for use of McIntosh Center can be made with the director of McIntosh Center.
  6. Space is available to all recognized groups for authorized and approved solicitation. Permission must be obtained from the director of McIntosh Center. (*See Solicitation and Fundraising.)
  7. McIntosh Center pays all costs of operation and maintenance. The student fee covers part of this expense. However, at times, certain charges are necessary for off-campus groups and student organizations. Exact rental rates are available at the information desk at McIntosh Center.
  8. Students should keep in mind that McIntosh Center is frequently used as an official place of entertainment for the University and that dress on any occasion should fit the particular event. In all places where food is served, there is a requirement that shirts and shoes be worn.
  9. ONU Dining Services does not reserve rooms for banquets, receptions, etc. A contract with Dining Services does not guarantee room usage in McIntosh Center. Reservations for facilities must be made prior to arrangements with Dining Services. ONU Dining Services has exclusive catering rights for all activities held in McIntosh Center.


Download the McIntosh Facilities Use Form (PDF)

Download the Spirit Rock Policy and Painting Request Form (PDF)

Download the Soliciting and Fundraising Policy and Permission Form (PDF)

Download the Bonfire Policy and Request Form (PDF)

Download the Sidewalk Chalking Policy (PDF)