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Domestic Mailing



Ohio Northern University
(Name of Department)
525 S. Main St.
Ada, OH 45810
  • If other than a #10 envelope, all items will need to be sealed before being taken to the mail room
  • A return address MUST be shown on all items being sent (see below)
  • A total count of all pieces being sent MUST accompany the mailing to the mail room
  • There needs to be a minimum of 200 pieces to receive the non-profit rate.
  • The account number being charged MUST accompany the mailing and be placed on the USPS Form (see link at bottom)to the mail room
  • All mailings must include the Origin of Address form. This form can be found on the Printing Services web page or click below
  • The U.S. Postal Service will not deliver any items that do not display an approved, PREPRINTED non-profit stamp
  • All items need to be placed in mail trays or mail tubs prior to pick-up. The US Postal Service or ONU mail room will not accept non-profit mailings in any other container.
  • Trays and tubs are available at your request from the ONU Mail room, ext. 2062.
  • All "on-campus" items cannot be included
  • All "International" items cannot be included
  • All items MUST display the “Non-Profit” indicia in the upper right corner of the envelope/postcard. This will need to be pre-printed in the ONU print shop.
  • Do not mix international items with domestic items as they will be rejected by the USPS
  • Do not place items in any container other than a mail room tray or tub. Cardboard boxes are NOT acceptable
  • Do not paper clip or rubber band items.
  • All Non Profit Mailings must be received in the ONU Mail Center no later than 10:30am Monday thru Friday. The USPS no longer accepts Non Profit Mailings in the afternoon.

Click here to access the USPS Postage Statement which will need to be included with your mailing
(Please print front and back. The USPS will not accept 2 pages for this document)

Click here to access the ONU Origin of Address Form (ONU Mail room will not accept mailings without this form)

Complete the sections with the information as requested in the bullet points above


Domestic First Class Mail

  • All #10 envelopes do not need to be sealed; all others should be sealed.
  • If not sealed, FLAPS NEED TO BE DOWN.
  • All on-campus mail cannot be mixed with off-campus mail
  • All envelopes MUST display the return address on each item
  • All items need to be received by 3:30 p.m. to have the same-day post mark.
  • All "Confidential" on-campus mail needs to be sealed prior to mail-room pick-up. No form of campus mail will be sealed in the mail room

Domestic Express Mail

  • Domestic Express Mail is an overnight service only to certain postal codes. Please check with the mail room to confirm.
  • Each item being sent overnight via USPS needs to include an Express Mail form
  • The “From,” “To” and "Zip Code" areas need to be completed prior to sending. (Click here to view)
  • All shaded areas need to be completed
  • ** All items need to be received prior to 3:30 p.m. to be sent overnight**

USPS Priority mail

  • Priority Mail is two to three day shipping
  • If needed, Priority labels are available in the mail room. (Click here to view)
  • Priority labels CANNOT be used on Express envelopes
  • Express labels CANNOT be used on Priority envelopes
  • Express and Priority envelopes are available in the ONU mail room
  • Express and Priority boxes are also available in the ONU mail room

USPS Certified Mail

Two forms need to be completed for “Certified Mailing”

  1. Green and white paper form. (click here to view)
    • Complete the “Sent To” section at the bottom of the form
    • Peel off the backing, and adhere it to the front of the envelope, being sure NOT to cover the return address
    • Complete section 1
    • Place the sender's address on the reverse side
    • Peel off the backing and place it over envelope enclosure

USPS Delivery Confirmation

  • USPS Delivery Confirmation (tracking number) is now required on all parcels (packages) and Priority Mail. This will be applied in the ONU Mail Center at no additional cost. If the sending department chooses to be notified of this tracking number, the request will need to be made prior to the item being sent as the Mail Center will not keep record of USPS Delivery Confirmation items sent. 

USPS Insured Mail

  • This form can be used to track and insure outgoing mail.
  • The form is available in the ONU mail room. (click here to view)

Domestic Federal Express

  • Complete the online FedEx shipping form by clicking on the "shipping" tab in the drop down box above. 
  • The ONU Mail Center will not accept any FedEx shipments without this form. 
  • Pre-printed FedEx forms are no longer needed.
  • The ONU Mail Center is not authorized to release the university FedEx account number. If needed, please contact Bill Kent to make arrangements at


     - The ONU Mail Center no longer accepts UPS shipments. All UPS items will need to be taken to the ONU BookStore by the sender. UPS items       being shipped cannot be picked up in the daily mail run.