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ONU Students

Incoming Mail

  • Mail will be brought to the university at 8 a.m., Monday through Friday.
  • The mail is then separated and placed into the student's, unit box.
  • Student mail that is not properly addressed will be checked in the University information system to receive the correct unit number or forwarding address.
  • If the student cannot be located through the directories, the mail in question is given to the manager of the ONU Mail Center to determine if it should be returned to the sender (first-class mail only); all other (non-first-class mail) is disposed of (e.g., magazines, newspapers, etc.)

Student ONU Address

  • All mail being sent to a student living on campus should be addressed as follows:
    • Student's Name
    • 402 W. College Ave.
    • Unit #____
    • Ada, OH 45810

Outgoing Mail

  • All students are responsible for the postage cost for all of their outgoing mail.
  • Stamps are available for purchase in the ONU mail room lobby through the postage vending machines.
  • The ONU mail room DOES NOT provide coins for the postage meter. Please use the coin change machine in the lobby of the Mail Center.
  • Outgoing student mail should be placed in the "Outgoing Mail with Postage" slot.
  • Note: It is in violation of federal law to tamper with any pieces of U.S., mail not belonging to you. If you receive mail that does not belong to you, simply place it in one of the mail slots. DO NOT MARK ON THE ITEM.

Incoming Student Packages

  • When a student receives a package that will not fit into the unit box, the student will receive an e-mail notification that a package has arrived.
  • This will display the unit number, student's name, date, and an indication of the shipper (UPS, DHL, or FedEx).
  • When a student receives his or her package, he or she is required to show their ONU student I.D. or any form of picture I.D.
  • If no picture I.D. is given, the student will not receive the package.
  • Any alcohol (for consumption) delivered by the U.S. Postal Service or any other carrier will be refused and returned to the sender as the ONU Mail Center does not accept alcoholic beverages of any kind. 
  • There will not be any fire arms of any kind permitted to be delivered to a student living on campus.
  • If a fire arm is received, the student will be notified as well as the director of Residence Life.
  • The package will not be allowed to leave the mail room and will be returned to sender or forwarded to an address of the student's choice at the expense of the student.

Unclaimed Packages

  • All packages received via USPS or other delivery service will be received per the package-receipt procedures and housed on the appropriate shelf in the mail room.
  • Every two weeks, the shelves are audited for packages older than two weeks. The recipients of the packages are contacted via telephone and/or e-mail as a reminder of the package.
  • Once the student is notified, he or she will have a period of two additional weeks  to receive the package. If not received, the package will be returned to the sender.

Unclaimed Mail

  • Mail (unit) boxes are audited every two weeks to identify boxes where mail has not been received. The student assigned to the box is contacted via telephone and/or e-mail to be informed that their unit box has not been emptied.
  • Following 30 days of inactivity, first-class mail (30 days and older) will be returned to the sender. All other items will be disposed of.
  • The US Postal Service will not allow any mail to be returned to the sender or forwarded to the sender or forwarded to another address unless it is first class mail, priority or express mail.
  • Newspapers, magazines and non-profit mail are disposed of if older than 30 days.

Opening Your Unit Box

  • Turn the dial at least four turns to the left, and stop at the first number of your combination.
  • Turn the dial to the right, going past the second number of the combination.  Stop on the number on the second turn.
  • Turn the dial to the left and go directly to the third number of the combination.
  • Turn the dial back slightly to the right while pulling open the door.
  • If there is any difficulty opening the unit box, please see the mail clerk at one of the service windows.
  • Mail from the unit box cannot be distributed to a student without having a valid picture I.D.
  • Please remember that your combination has been assigned to you.  Do not give anyone your combination for any reason.


      - The hours of operation to receive packages from the ONU Mail Center are:

         Monday thru Friday: 10:30am to 4:30pm