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ONU Campus Mail

On-Campus Mail

  • When at all possible, please use the "Inter-Department Delivery" envelopes (2 sizes)
  • Be sure to mark off any names and/or departments that were previous to sending your item(s)
  • If more than one name and/or department is showing, the item will be returned to the sending department for delivery confirmation
  • Inter-department envelopes should show name and department, not the building name. (This is an ONU policy.)

"Campus Mail" Stamps

  • "Campus Mail" stamps are available in the ONU mail room and can be purchased for $10. This can be charged through Business Services or charged to your ONU postage account.

ONU Mail Room Policy

  • There will be no circumstances that will permit any mail room employee to open any incoming, outgoing or on-campus mail.
  • Previous authorization is permitted but only in writing.
  • Under no circumstances will any mail be opened by the mail room if it is marked "Confidential."